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Why I Fell in Love with Camp Style

I fell in love with the Camp aesthetic before I even knew what the cultural phenomenon was. As a kid, I devoured Camp in the form of movies like Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Cry Baby. The 80s was full of campy film and music, so as a Gen X’er, I was surrounded by it.

Trends for 2021 According to 21 Interior Designers

I was featured on RedFin’s Blog alongside other designers where we are predicting trends for 2021

2020 affected almost every aspect of our lives, but it also helped many of us reconnect with our homes. This time spent inside has allowed us to begin the process of transforming our homes into more functional, peaceful places that reflect our own interests, experiences, and design preferences.

If you’re hoping to continue that process this year, you may be searching for some inspiration. Look no further. I, along with other top interior designers, were asked by Redfin to weigh in on the most popular colors, decor styles, and materials you can expect to see in 2021. So if you’re looking for some interior design ideas to update your home in the new year, here are the home trends experts predict are going to be huge.

My prediction is that we will be adding color. Since people have been stuck at home they are moving away from white and neutrals and wanting more color. Color is a fun way to inject joy and happiness into a space. A way people can do this successfully is to just go for it and use color everywhere – on walls, furnishings, rugs, pillows, even your ceilings, and trim. Avoid using white since it creates contrast and takes away from the drama. Your eye moves toward white so by removing it the color acts as the neutral.

See the article along with the other designer’s predictions by clicking the link below!

21 Interior Design Ideas to Bring into your Home in 2021

Our Six-Step Interior Design Process

We walk you through our in-depth, personalized design process step by step. 

In a previous post, we shared important things to know before starting an interior design project

For those of you who are still curious about how our team works, we wanted to take a closer look at our six-step process. 

In Sarah’s decade of interior design experience, we’ve developed a personalized, in-depth process that starts with an initial consultation and ends with your space styled out to the last loveseat or vintage floor lamp. Read on for a detailed breakdown of each step. We walk you through our process and show examples of the visual aids we used for our Ramsey Drive project.

How Interior Designers Collaborate with Architects (and How That Benefits Homeowners)

Spoiler alert: When it comes to large scale remodels, and new home construction projects, you probably need both.

Before starting a home construction project, homeowners often wonder whether to hire an architect or an interior designer. The answer? If you are building from the ground up or working on an extensive remodel, you’ll likely need both. 

Every home tells a story woven through the work of both architects and interior designers. In our 10+ years of design experience, the most successful new home construction and extensive remodel projects are ones where there exists a symbiotic relationship between these two professionals. As interior designers, we’ve found that collaborating with architects allows us to better complement each other’s expertise and keep your vision and preferences at the forefront. Working in harmony encourages the exchange of ideas and ensures the cohesiveness of your project. 

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