Coverings 2017 Tile Expo

The 2017 Coverings Expo was awesome! If you don’t know, Coverings is a tile expo in Orlando, Florida and has tile from around the world. I loved seeing all the new trends and forming relationships with tile reps from Spain, Italy and even Turkey…from companies who don’t sell in Texas. But that’s ok! Because I can purchase directly through them now. Let’s use some of these in your house, shall we? Please excuse the poor image quality, the lighting was terrible for photos!

I saw a lot of mosaics and a lot of of 3 dimensional tiles. Both large and small. I have to say this tiny 1″x1″ hex was probably my favorite from the entire show. I loved it. You could easily use it on a powder bath accent wall or a shower accent wall. So cute and so subtle. Maybe even on pool wall if it is rated for that.

….and a Memphis Design / Saved by the Bell inspired 3D tile. Not so subtle.

This tile is also very pretty, it looks hand glazed and would be beautiful on a backsplash. It is about 1.5″x1.5″ large.

Super pretty black, white and gold pattern.

This was also an absolute favorite of mine. So pretty and dramatic.

A pretty 3D concrete tile

I saw a few porcelain tile displays that looked like rolled steel too. Very good quality and of course large format stole the show with these guys.

More hex tiles, they were literally everywhere. This is an interesting take on it tho. Image below with a hand for scale :)

I love, love, loved this wall! It is about 7-8′ tall. Looks super 70’s.

Which is funny because I saw this the very next day while at a tiki bar in Disney! It is super dirty and dingy but I love it too.

A few water jet patterns that I haven’t seen.

This water jet pattern is so feminine and simple. I haven’t seen this just yet and I love it. This board is about 2’x2′ large to give you an idea of scale.

Black marble with gold accents. I’d love to use this on a floor!

Large scale patterns were everywhere as well.

Doesn’t this remind you of the tile I blogged about from the Picasso Museum in Barcelona? So funny.

Also this tile reminds me of a tile I saw at Casa Batllo in Barcelona as well! I said I’d do something more structured and less frenetic, and there you have it!

There you go!  Those were my favorite tiles from Coverings 2017. I saw a lot of plain, run of the mill tile too, but you can see those at your local tile showroom. My goal was to find materials that aren’t available in Austin so my clients can have more of a choice when making tile selections. Which were your favorites?

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