37th Street - Austin, Texas

Interior Design Services – Primary Bath Remodel

When our client approached SSID with this bathroom renovation project, she was dreaming of a space that was sumptuous, sophisticated with special details. She asked for “Something where I can walk in and it feels personal to me.” 

Pulling from the client’s love of the early twentieth-century aesthetic and leaning into the timeless charm of her 100-year-old cottage, our design team curated every element of this bathroom remodel. The result is a layered, thoughtfully executed space humming with vintage charm.

To expand the footprint of the once-tiny bathroom, we removed the bathtub and relocated the plumbing to the back wall, opening up much-needed space for a wider vanity and countertop. This bathroom is used as the primary bath space so we needed to maximize storage. We added a tall linen cabinet next to the shower and topped it with an antique pediment. We found an antique dresser with plenty of drawers and converted it to a vanity, made a niche for everyday products, and added some floating shelves.

We introduced black and white mosaic tile throughout the space to unify and expand the room. To layer and elevate the space, we added a marble baseboard and pencil liner. We opted for a thick countertop for the 32-inch tall dresser, raising the dresser’s height to the standard 36 inches.

Although new, the Louis Phillipe style mirror and petticoat pendant light fixture further add to the vintage charm.

To finish off the space with vintage-style flourish, we hung a Louis Philippe-style mirror and petticoat pendant light fixture.

The last 2 images are the before photos, we think the transformation is incredible!


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