Suite Belladonna

This sprawling studio is located on the ground floor of a historic Victorian barn at our Boutique Hotel Hybrid project, The Menagerie in Fredericksburg, TX. With its low chartreuse ceilings and lush, leafy wallpaper, stepping into the space feels like wandering into a canopied garden. We used the rug as our muse for the design, pulling the mint-green color and foliage to inspire the vine-covered wallpaper. We dedicated the bottom half of the walls to newly installed paneling and wainscoting, breaking up the height and cozying up the pace. We sourced several antiques and vintage items for the space, including the baroque Spanish desk, an antique cabinet that we used to store games, and the ornate mirror that serves as a striking contrast against the wallpaper. We flanked the bed with two traditionally glazed oxblood red. We accented a custom skirted banquette with playful snake pillows, lighting the scene with a milk glass pendant that pops out from the wallpaper. We drew inspiration from the bright banquette to inspire the color of the ceiling, a perky chartreuse that brightens up the whole room and ties in the yellow-gold of the rug.