Located in a 1910 Queen Anne Victorian mansion, this sprawling, dramatic suite in the boutique hotel hybrid project in historic Fredericksburg, The Menagerie. The suite includes two traditional bedrooms, a full kitchen, a living room with a game table area, a sitting room and a dining room. We approached the home with the goal of designing a place where a larger group of guests could comfortably sleep, relax and entertain.Because the ceilings are so high, we cozied up the roomy space with darker colors and played with moody, dynamic lighting. We added trim on the walls to elevate and make the space more visually engaging. We flanked a striking antique Louis Philippe mirror with Dali prints, and arranged Art Deco-style side tables by the leather chesterfield sofa.For the smaller, blue sitting room, we hung a vintage Fortuny light fixture over an antique console table we uncovered at an auction.In the bedrooms, we went for sweet and traditional, keeping existing elements like the lace window treatments and favoring romantic floral patterns. We leaned into color palettes, washing one bedroom in teal and another in rose.Over in the dining room, we kept the original dining table and added 1940s Paolo Buffa chairs, completing the look with a Murano chandelier.In the kitchen, we kept the original metal countertops and cutting boards. To find the right shade for the cabinetry, we tried 96 different colors of red before we settled on the perfect shade of crimson.In both the kitchen and dining room, we kept the existing country farmhouse-style cabinetry, paying homage to the timeless beauty of the original Victorian structure.