Kenwood Ave - Austin, TX

Primary bathroom with closet design

The SSID team designed this bathroom for an ER doctor in Travis Heights. Our goal was to transform an existing sunroom into a primary bathroom with a closet. Inspired by the client’s fondness for New Orleans, we incorporated French Colonial-style elements—like the casually elegant molding and a graceful, simple custom-designed vanity. 

One of the most unique features of the bathroom is the wardrobe-style closet. The closet sits behind a wall of doors, which we softened by adding fabric. Created to fit the client’s sizeable wardrobe, the closet layout helps give the bathroom a more open, spacious feel.

Along with the closet, one of our favorite parts of the project is the wall behind the tub. The meticulously arranged design elements feature a slab of marble and a dramatic, art deco-inspired arched window that drenches the room in natural sunlight. 

Due to complications caused by COVID-19, the project remains on hold for the time being. We loved the design so much, however, that we couldn’t resist sharing this rendering with you.


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