Intervail Drive - Austin, TX

Furnishings and total mudroom addition in a 1980s home in West Austin.

Our clients were both scientists who spent many years in the field studying cultures and diseases before deciding to plant roots in Austin. They wanted help creating a living space that reflected their collected style and that welcomed visiting family and friends. They also wanted a mudroom with a lot of built-in function.

In the living room, we mixed textiles, patterns, and finishes to create a comfortable layered, lived-in look. We sourced everything from the furniture and the rug to accents and art. They already had so many great collection pieces, so we used those to jump off from when finding more items to make the room feel full and welcoming.

In the mudroom, we designed a system of flat lay drawers that allow clothing to breathe and drip dry without damage in addition to hanging racks for delicates and other light weight clothing. We built in ample storage for shoes to be stowed before entering the main living area, plus sports gear lockers and easy access storage to hats, bags, umbrellas, etc. Adjacent to the flat lays and bench is closed cabinetry that houses cleaning supplies, a built-in ironing board, two pull out laundry baskets, and a few outlets to keep household appliances charged (i.e. Dyson vacuum).

We loved creating spaces that not only incorporate personal touches, but also the personal functionalization that this family needed.


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