Topo Chico Office - Monterrey, Mexico

Interior Design Services – Furnishings for an Office.

One of the best things to come from Mexico is Topo Chico – hands down; it’s a fact. We were immediately on board to work with the family who owns the company when they contacted us to create an office that would serve as a space to hold internal company meetings.

Although they desired an elevated mid-century modern style and we had to transform an acoustical drop ceiling and install wooden wall paneling. We collaborated with Monterrey-based architecture firm NMasUno on these designs to update the architectural elements before assembling decorative elements. Then we worked with local Austin craftsman Brian Chilton to create a custom light fixture to anchor the lounge area.

Our favorite elements of this project would have to be the Vladimiar Kagan sofa and vintage brutalist coffee table. These embody the design direction we took by using neutral materials and furniture pieces with organic shapes. We wanted the fabrics to have some variation but we were aiming for a soothing tonal effect, so the shade values are fairly consistent.


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