Our design philosophy is rooted in the belief that your space should be a reflection of your journey, your values, and your passions. If you’re a well-traveled connoisseur and a lover of antiques and timeless collections, you’re our kind of client. We understand the significance of family and cherish the beauty of heritage, and we infuse these elements into every design we create.

Our designs are a harmonious blend of history and modernity. We curate spaces where every piece tells a story and every room resonates with you. Whether it’s the warm embrace of family, the magnetism of music, or the legacy of generations, we infuse these elements into your home to create spaces that are not just beautiful but deeply meaningful.

At Sarah Stacey Interior Design, we go beyond mere design; we create narratives. These narratives encapsulate success, legacy, and the essence of life itself. Explore how our designs can turn your space into a captivating story, a true reflection of your remarkable life. Reach out to us and your design journey with us today.

Sarah Stacey


Those who know me well might say that I am a wanderlust. My favorite memories have been formed while exploring far-flung places—from staying with monks in the mountains of Japan to canoeing the Dordogne River in France to exploring the Catalan Modernism architecture of Barcelona, Spain. 

One of the best things about being a designer is that I get to put those tendencies to work. Instead of physically traveling to some other place, I explore the darkest corners of auction houses and antique stores for a one-of-a-kind sideboard, travel across the country to see what is new in tile and furnishings, and scour stacks magazines (new and old) to create what’s next for color, patterns, and furnishings.  

I discovered that interior design was my calling when I built my first home in South Louisiana.  Eventually, I put my successful career in advertising in the rear view and landed in design school where I discovered not only a nerdy joy for color theory, but also the vibrant, creative city of Austin, Texas that has been my home for over a decade.  

I am a creator who thrives on collaboration – I look for clients who want to be a partner in my design wanderlust, share ideas and discover what’s beautiful out there.  

When I am not spending time with my toddler, I volunteer in the archive department the Bastrop County Historical Society Museum, where I assist in archiving vintage and antique textiles. 

A proud supporter of Central Texas’ art community, I’ve served on the Board of Directors for the Rude Mechanicals, a ground-breaking ensemble-based theater collective based in East Austin. 



Sarah Capps


Sarah Capps

Designer and Project Manager 

Sarah Capps, a visual-artist-cum-designer, believes that beautiful spaces inspire people to live their best lives. She joins the SSID team after five years of working with high-end firms in luxury residential design in Nashville, Tennessee. 

A born problem-solver, Sarah uses design to help people solve everyday problems encountered in their homes. Pulling from her visual arts background and BFA from O’More College of Design, Capps approaches every interior design project with a keen awareness of composition, form, and color. With excellent taste and an even better eye, Sarah makes thoughtful selections and produces gorgeous renderings. She has quickly become an indispensable asset to the SSID team. 

When she isn’t designing or managing projects for SSID, Sarah spends her time cooking, antiquing, and kayaking. On the weekends, you can often find her cozying up by a bonfire with her husband and pittie in the company of family and friends.


Michi Baez


Michi Baez

Interior Designer

Michi is a Miami based interior designer specializing in eclectic design with 8 years of experience in luxury residential and boutique hospitality design. As a visual storyteller, she uses multiple mediums to help clients live authentically beautiful lives.

Earning her master’s degree in Interior Architecture, she began her design career drafting custom new build floor plans, including lighting & furniture layouts, selecting every detailed finish from floor-to-ceiling.

Her life love is designing spaces that are a true reflection of what you love, who you love, what you do, where you’ve been, and where you are going.


Jessica Rains


As a former coordinator for Interscope Records, Jessica’s creative eye was developed in the company of literal rock stars.

While generating album concepts for artists such as Beck, Gwen Stefani, 50 Cent, and others, Jessica worked with photographers, stylists, and designers to turn creative ideas into eye-catching visuals. From there, it was off to the world of indie films for Jessica, where she worked as a production designer and wardrobe stylist. After moving to Austin from the west coast, Jessica launched her own wardrobe consulting company, and eventually lent her design expertise to corporate and lifestyle event planning.

At Sarah Stacey Interior Design, Jessica works with clients to find just the right accessories to reflect their personality and interests, while beautifully complementing a space’s larger design. You can often find Jessica combing Etsy and Ebay, tracking down a gem from a private estate seller, or exploring small-town antique stores for pieces that her clients have an instant connection with.

Grace Butler


Growing up in sunny Sacramento, Grace would watch her mother, an artist, create a harmonious blend of seemingly disparate shades. This inspired a lifelong fascination with color in Grace, who aspires to bring a similar harmony to people’s interior designs.  

Grace diverted from her longtime career as a professional nanny to find a profession that was fast-paced and engaging, where she’d always be learning something new. Grace found that role on the SSID team, where she works as Sarah’s detail-focused,  ever-curious assistant. 

Grace, who moved to Texas as a teenager, recently relocated to Austin from nearby Bastrop. When she isn’t assisting Sarah and the SSID  team, she enjoys exploring the bustling new city with her new daughter, husband and dog.

Erin Thompson

Project Manager

Houston-born and Austin-raised, Erin Thompson developed a love of natural beauty growing up on the banks of Lake Travis. Captivated by the intricate grain patterns on milled wood of her stepfather’s carpentry projects, the young Erin also cultivated an appreciation for functional design. 

Today, Erin brings her knack for photography, eye for functional interiors and knowledge of design trends—gleaned from years of experience as an Austin real estate agent—to SSID. As the team’s task-orientated project manager, Erin helps the team execute projects and bring designs to life. 

Erin believes that interior design has a formative impact on the spaces where we live, work, rest and entertain. She describes her own style as “functional and inspired by nature,” with earthy neutral tones punctuated by pops of color.

Erin has three children and a handsome dog named Ashitaka—the latter of whom is prominently featured all over her Instagram feed. A lover of all things outdoors, she spends her free time hiking Austin’s lush greenbelt. In the future, Erin hopes to apply her design expertise to her dream of building homes.