Suite Serenity - The Menagerie Fredericksburg

Nestled within the attic of a historic Victorian barn, the Serenity Suite emerges as a brooding haven, exuding a distinctly masculine allure. At Sarah Stacey Interior Design, we embraced the challenge of transforming this uniquely shaped space into a high-impact design sanctuary, all while preserving its intimate charm.

The room’s unconventional contours posed a delightful puzzle, especially when it came to the installation of wallpaper. The multitude of corners and edges made matching patterns along the seams an artistic feat. Our solution? We opted for a small-scale wallpaper that gracefully smoothed the transitions between seams, infusing the space with seamless elegance.

In the bedroom, we flanked the bed with side tables discovered at a captivating auction, complemented by custom ceramic sconces in sumptuous amber tones. A welcoming Americana-style quilt adorns the bed, weaving a rich tapestry of deep reds and blues throughout the room. Beneath, a neutral yet opulent rug accentuates the warm hues of wood and wallpaper.

By the window, a cozy seating nook beckons, where vintage dining chairs encircle a tole table adorned with delicate metal flowers. Above, an antique barley twist chandelier casts a captivating glow, enhancing the allure of this intimate space.

The kitchenette unveils a brilliant teal backsplash, a masterpiece crafted from handcrafted clay Zellige tiles in a grout-free installation. Antique glassware, treasures discovered at auction, finds its place in the well-stocked kitchen, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

In the bathroom, we orchestrate a harmonious blend of neutral hues against a backdrop of gray and black checkered flooring, all anchored by a graceful antique bench. The Serenity Suite stands as a testament to the fusion of masculine sophistication and attic serenity, a retreat where every corner holds an element of intrigue and allure.